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Company Information

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ifLabel is a renowned manufacturer of millimeter-wave radar sensors in China, offering a wide range of IoT radar sensor solutions for healthcare and safety applications. Our product lineup includes radar sensors for fall detection, respiratory and heartbeat monitoring, sleep tracking, and vital sign monitoring.


Our core expertise lies in the indoor application of mmWave radar sensors, as we believe it plays a pivotal role in ensuring not only exceptional safety but also upholding the values of privacy and independence that are central to person-centered care.


The research and development team has 15 years of technical accumulation in the field of millimeter wave radar. It consists of Doctor of Radar anti-jamming algorithm, Doctor of radar simulation algorithm, Doctor of radar antenna, Doctor of analog circuit, and software and hardware engineers. The product has gone through a lot of customer practice, feedback adjustment and improvement. It has reached the practical application standard. At present, it is the world leader in respiration and heartbeat detectiontechnology, and we also have a mature Internet of things development team, marketing team and perfect sales channels.


Our engineering and sales staff can quickly respond to your requirement with a solution that fits your needs, and we will help you find

and develop a display solution perfect for your application.


Strict Quality Control.

ifLabel is well acclaimed by our customers and peers for the high quality products. We conduct the most extensive tests on each

product that comes off our production line. We conduct quality audit and inspection from material acquisition, through every

critical stage in production, all the way to packaging and shipping.


Competitive price.

ifLabel has always been working hard to improve our productivity while ensuring high quality. The prices of our various products

are the most competitive in the market


The barrier-free penetration of radar has been widely used in auto autonomous driving and assisted driving, but at present radar

sensors are rarely applied to the research and development of indoor human body perception, namely human body monitoring.

ifLabel is focused on the application of indoor radar sensors.


At present, the radar sensors mainly include respiratory and heartbeat monitoring radar, sleep monitoring radar, neonatal monitoring

radar, fall monitoring radar, and human sensing vital signs detection radar." It is our mission to customers to gain insight into the real

needs of users and strive to create more value for users. With more than ten years of working experience, we have established an

efficient and practical customer management and service system. No matter you are in the development stage or in the mass 

production stage, we have perfect services for you.



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