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        GDIF075B uses the electronic e ink display as the display to replace the traditional paper or LCD nameplate, high-tech appearance design and energy-saving display solution, combined with the Bluetooth network and mobile APP, provides users with more convenient conference work services.
        The electronic nameplate has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, convenient operation and wide practical range. This system can upload the EXCEL list to the server, and then change the contents of the nameplate in any conference room through the mobile APP. It is an efficient conference management technology change for the conference manager, which can replace the traditional paper printing reduces the workload of the venue, and it is the best choice for the information management of conference system.

        ·  Environmental protection
        ·  Energy saving
        ·  Convenient operation
        ·  Wide practical range
        ·  Controlled by PC or mobile





        7.5 inch three color e-paper display(black, white and red)

        View Area

        161.0×96.0 mm





        Max Grayscale


        Outline Size

        209.2×133.9×35.2 mm


        Upright double-sided horizontal screen display, with base integrated


        White high-gloss ABS, base covered with transparent acrylic



        Operating Temp.

        0℃ ~ 35

        Storage Temp.

        -25℃ ~ 60

        Battery life More than 6 months , AAA battery x 2
        Power consumption Operating current for refreshing is 30mA, standby current below 0.1mA
        Mapping mode 1 Through the NFC in the center of the display
        Mapping mode 2 Through Bluetooth on your phone
        Operating system Only supports Android system phone, does not support Apple phone





        1, Scan the QR code(Getting it from the manual below, please), follow the prompts to download, install and register the APP(only supports Android system and does not support the IOS)
        2, Simple interface and Simple operating



        3, Support Bluetooth and NFC transmission

        4, Support Batch mapping


        5, Support single-sided/double-sided display, can show the name of the participants and the meeting agenda.


        Want to know more about the APP operation guide, or want to use the cloud operating system, please refer to the manual below.





        E-nameplate Debut at the First China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo, more information, click here:








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