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        • Product Name: 7.5'' nameplate mail, electronic shelf label
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        IfLabel’s platform is a complete hardware-software system combining Bluetooth/NFC communication and ESL tags, in-store navigation, ultra-low power displays, merchandising supports and tools and server infrastructure (cloud, distributed or in-store). IfLabel’s platform is open to third-party technologies and enables interconnection with any situation software or system. It offers the flexibility you need to anticipate and overcome any challenge.

        IL075E series ESL tags are a large high definition displays giving the freedom to choose the layout that suits. Whether it is an extra large text, promotion, QR code or barcode, there is room to fit it all directly on-screen, 
        with no paper required. It can be used for different application, such as the retails, conference systems and industrial tags etc.
        ·  Environmental protection
        ·  Energy saving
        ·  Convenient operation
        ·  Wide practical range
        ·  Controlled by PC or mobile

        1, Scan the QR code(Getting it from the manual below, please), follow the prompts to download, install and register the APP(only supports Android system and does not support the IOS)
        2, Simple interface and Simple operating



        3, Support Bluetooth and NFC transmission

        4, Support Batch mapping


        5, Support single-sided/double-sided display, can show the name of the participants and the meeting agenda.


        Want to know more about the APP operation guide, or want to use the cloud operating system, please refer to the manual below.

        Matching electronic price tag shell


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        For the Retails

        IL075E Series are a solution particularly suited to the fruits and vegetable aisles, Beyond price, there are many other information that may change and these changes can be frequent. The electronic labeling can simplify and automate a pricing management usually complex (piece, kilo, batch management).


        For Conference System

        Make your event stand out with the Wireless E Ink Electronic Nameplate! This innovative digital nameplate helps identify attendees at meetings in a more elegant, efficient and cost-effective way than traditional printed or engraved solutions:


        For Industrial

        In the industrial sector, digital signage adds value to any kind of critical operation of a production process. The flexible system is able to display alerts, information or metrics on bins, shelves or machines and at the same time enable direct communication to ordering systems or safety alerts via integrated activity buttons.





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