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FAQ of ESL tag

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1. How to establish binding relationship between electronic shelf labels and products?

There are three ways to bind electronic shelf labels to goods, namely, single binding in the background, batch binding in the background and PDA binding. Please refer to the user manual of price tag system for specific usage.

2. How to establish binding relationship between electronic shelf labels and AP?

After the AP base station is brought online, the electronic shelf label will be placed around the AP base station (within a radius of 15m) that has been put online and will be automatically activated after 10 minutes.

3. How many electronic shelf labels can an AP base station normally manage?

There is actually no limit to the number of managed price tags by AP, but considering that too many managed price tags by AP will affect the update speed, if you want to complete the refresh of 50,000 electronic shelf labels in 10 minutes, it is recommended to use a base station AP to bind and control 200 electronic shelf labels to achieve the goal of rapid refresh.

4. Can the price of electronic shelf label be unified with the price of cashier's end?

In fact, the electronic shelf label has successfully incorporated the shelf into the computer program, getting rid of the situation of manually replacing the price tag. It can open an interface in the background of the electronic shelf label management to connect the cashier end, so as to achieve the price consistency between the cashier desk and the shelf.

5. Can electronic shelf labels connect online and offline?

Compared with traditional paper price tags, electronic shelf labels have added many functions, which can not only display commodity prices and other information, but also place qr codes, bar codes and NFC, connecting online and offline, giving customers better shopping experience.

6. Can a button battery keep electronic shelf labels working for more than 5 years?

ifLabel electronic price tags, for example, its ultra-low power consumption electronic paper screen, static work almost zero power consumption, use CR2450 button batteries, voltage stability, power lasting, when the standby current is only 5 ua, refresh the peak current of 8.39 mA, the average current is 0.05 mA, refresh rate / 5 times a day, the battery can be used more than five years, and the battery can be replaced.

7. How to install electronic shelf labels?

Electronic shelf labels have a variety of installation methods, according to the use of the scene using guide rail, clip, ice plug, T hook, table swing and other ways of installation, disassembly is very convenient.

8. How long does it take to refresh an electronic shelf label?

Compared with other ESL with 2.4g, infrared ray and 433MHz, ifLabel electronic price tag with the latest bluetooth 5.0 technology has a faster refresh speed, less than 1 second per tag. It can quickly change commodity prices, realize real-time dynamic pricing, help retailers improve promotion plans, and enhance customer attraction.


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